Digitisation of damages

Damages are processed easily!

Processing damages has never been so easy. Rentallin works on almost all Smartphones, tablets and computers.

Rentallin provides an overview, is cost-efficient and monitors the status of your vehicle fleet.
With Rentallin, the inspection of damages of your vehicle fleet is extensive (or: optimal)!
You can monitor the damages on all your vehicles 24/7. How much damage is there on average on a vehicle? Which side suffers the most damage? Who causes most of the damages and how much damage is suffered per year? What is the condition of the interior?
These are all questions to which Rentallin can provide an answer. You could use the information that's provided by the app for "steering".
A commercial driver who has a great deal of damage on an annual basis, can be faced with established facts, and you can take action for example, by raising the excess or the prices for this driver.